2007-12-31 15:29:12 Source: Web

What better way to finish off the year than with a race? Today I ran my first 10km race, Sylvesterloppet, which happens every year on New Year's Eve in central Gothenburg. After a cold that has bothered us all over the christmas weekend, I was unsure of whether I would be able to race or not, but I woke up feeling fairly OK and decided to go for it.

I'm glad I did because the race was fantastic. The weather was crisply cold, but sunny (with a few small icy patches on the roads). There were quite a few people running in fancy dress, which was great. I saw a few santas, a sum wrestler and a dinner party complete with a set table on one of the runner's backs!

The time wasn't hugely important, though as this race was one of the goals of my winter training (I'm working up to a half-marathon in May) it was good to get a check on my performande. I made my time 56:06 though the official timekeeping is 26:29 (measured from the starting gun - it takes a little time to get past the starting line). Not too shabby for someone who has only been running half a year.

So this was a great end to the year and a big thanks to my wonderful wife and son who came out to cheer me on - and take a few photographs. Now I'm looking forwards to 2008's goals which include the half marathon, perhaps a trithlon or two and hopefully a little more cycling than last year.

Happy new year to you all!

2007-10-05 14:46:04 Source: Web

Bit of a whinge today. I have the lurgy. Simon has also got the lurgy, plus teething problems, which have given him constipation. He isn't keen on eating, his face is swollen and generally he's miserable.

I'm miserable too. 'Cos I've got the lurgy. *cough cough* And 'cos Simon is not sleeping very well. Which means we're not sleeping very well.

Could be worse - it's the weekend tomorrow. Oh - hang on! I'm working. Got deadlines. And the lurgy. *cough*

Ahhh - the joys of being a parent and running a business. Still, at least we have some money in the company coffers at the moment (hence all the work and deadlines). And we have the joys of a wonderful little boy, who despite lurgy and teething manages to be great fun to play with (at least now and again) and who brightens our lives.

Not too bad eh? And at least I've only got the lurgy!

2007-10-01 20:58:18 Source: Web

Not much time for blog updates these days I'm afraid. Of course, that's no excuse as I could always make some small posts here and there, but my focus, quite simly, has been on other priorities.

Simon of course is the main priority, but the last month has been completely hectic job wise, with my employee doing a month long contract in Mexico for a client and me holdin the fort with our other fantastic project here in Sweden.

So apologies, but hopefully I can start finding the time to update a little more.

And here's a link tomy new favourite blog. I've been in contact with Chris Brogan for quite a while through various social netowrking sites, but it was only today I realised he had a fantastically inspirational blog. This is a must read for people who network as part of their professionallife.

2007-08-07 11:23:26 Source: Web

So this morning I got up at 06:15 when Simon decided it was time for breakfast. We took it nice and easy for a while and then went out for a run.

While we were on holiday at the summer house last week, I tried out running with the pram for the first time. It went just fine - Simon's pram has a good range of handle positions, rolls smoothly and has loads of suspension making it an easy ride for him (he normally goes to sleep!).

So we ran for 25 minutes. I've been making great progress with my running - no knee pain so far thank goodness and I've been running around 2-3 times a week.

Got home, showered and had breakfast and then realised I had left my car keys at the office. So the run was followed by a 10km bike ride to work. Not what I was planning, but I'm feeling great. So that's all right then ;-)

So now I've found ways to incorporate both running and cycling into my normal routine. I can run with Simon on the morning when I get up with him and I can cycle commute to work. I'm feeling fitter and more inspired just thinking about it!

As some extra inspiration for the runing, I've signed up for a 7.5km fun run on the 11th September. It now seems like the knee problem is sorted though I'm still taking it easy), but the spectre of running 7.5km doesn't seem like a huge problem any more. And if things continue to go well, then I may aim to run the Göteborgsvarvet half marathon next spring.

2007-07-26 12:35:00 Source: Web

Tour De Farce!

What a waste of time watching this year's tour has been. Vino, Rasmussen, Moreni. The list of doped idiotic riders in the last few days is depressing and makes a complete mockery of a sport that I love.

While watching Vino ride his time trial, I joked to Lott about how terrible it would be if it turned out he was doping. I could hardly believe it when the news broke a few days later. Yet again one of my favourite riders is caught doping. THe circumstances almost exactly the same as it was with Tyler Hamilton.

Then Moreni is caught for doping the same day his team organised an anti-doping protest at the start of the race. Completely disgusting!

If you want to help protest this madness, then there's a petition here: It probably won't help as professional cyclists seem to be completely fucked up, but it may help your conscience feel better!

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